Friday, June 3, 2011

Celebrating every mile!

So, after taking about 6 weeks off from running, I've really learned to appreciate it more!

It's one thing to take off because you need a different exercise or, just need a break. It's a completely different thing to be forced to sit the bench. You hear it all the time. " Just start riding, or just do more yoga, or hop on the eliptical" ......  But it's just not the same. I did pick up more yoga, which I loved. But it's still JUST NOT THE SAME.

So this week was my first "full week" back running. 2 miles on Monday, 3 miles yesterday, and 3 today. It feels great to not only finish a run, but finish with out pain! I've lost about a minute per mile putting me between a 10:00-10:30 "comfortably". I think this is in part with my lack of running, and the increased heat & humidity! It seems like everyone is still acclimating. So not only am I acclimating to running again, but to running with a much higher heart rate, and less air to breathe.

Never the less, I'm ecstatic to be out there again.

I'm still having some therapy done on my lower back, hip flexors, ITband, and hamstrings. I will continue to work on my proper running form, and continue to stretch and get after it with the foam roller.

As for training, I have nothing in mind. I would like to do a few 5ks this summer and fall, but other than that, I think I'll take the rest of the year off from long distance training. I do have my eye on the Disney Marathon- Yes, FULL, in January of 2013.

My plan for now, is to run 3-4 mile runs 3 times during the week, and squeeze in a longer run once a week ranging from 5-8 miles.

I hope everyone is training smart and hydrating in the HEAT! Get those miles in...whether on a dreadmill, or at 5am before the sun gets up. NO EXCUSES right?