Monday, January 31, 2011

Yoga Challenge - Day 12

Ah crap, I think I'm on day 12! I'm confused now. LOL.  But this would put me one day behind. I'll do 2 tomorrow, and get caught up!

Day 12- 30-Minute Peak Pose Sequence Bakasana 

Don't know what bakasana is? Well, I didn't either. But this whole work out prepares you for this ONE pose. 
It was certainly "practice" for me! I enjoyed the stretching of my hips and legs. It was a pretty low cardio work out for the most part. More slow burn and stretching poses. They had us set up at the end of the work out for this Bakasana pose. I was able to get my feet off the ground, but I couldn't stay up. I was happy that I didn't fall over. I feel like that says a lot about my cor (which is sore from yesterday, and was worked today!) and balance. So over all I'm happy at my attempt at the pose. It wasn't sucess, but not complete failure either! 

Hopefully I will get caught up to the correct day with this massive blizzard coming in! * Along with my house work!*


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yoga Challenge - Day 9, 10,and 11

I haven't done yoga in a few days (and I can TELL!) due to my rib hurting.

Today, it has started hurting a little less than before. I decided to give yoga a shot, since I'm behind on my 21 day challenge! I told myself if it hurt, I would stop.

I barely felt any pain. Actually by the end of the practices I was experiencing less pain than before. I think it really needed to be stretched out-- per my therapist! (Thanks Mel!)

Day 9- 15 minute morning routine. I actually did this Friday. Easy easy. Same as day 2.

Day 10- 20 minute Cor work out -Same as last week's day 3. Last week, the girls I am doing this challenge with said that this work out really worked them! I didn't feel sore after it. I feared that I didn't work out hard enough. So during this one, I tried to push it a little more, and could certainly feel more of a "burn" in my abs. So we'll see tomorrow! Over all, I felt good enough after the quick work out to proceed with day 10.

Day 11- 30 minute Aligning and refining practice back-bend.  This was a new work out! It started off with lots of  chair pose, which is pretty much like sitting in the air. My legs were on fire and shaking!!! -- But it then went in to more routines steming from the chair pose. With my legs being sore from yesterday's 8 mile run, I wasn't sure I'd make it through this, but. I did! Since we did hills yesterday my quads were already really feeling it. The 2nd half of the work out was more balance work. I was surprised at how much my balance has improved from last week! This a good balanced (pun intended!) work out. I liked the change of paces, and new poses. My favorite pose is the Rock Star pose. Such a fantastic all over body stretch!

So it looks like I'm back in action. I'll do day 12 and hopefully 13 tomorrow, and be caught up with the challenge. It's an easy run day so shouldn't be too hard.


Me, and H3....Okc training week 4.

I had an epiphany last week. Trying to decide on staying in the slower group and be comfortable and GOOD at that pace. Or. Move to the next pace group and challenge myself.

I decided to take a run with the faster group to see what I could do. I was nervous, and uncertain...Until I completed last Saturday's run!

My original group was scheduled for 6 miles at 10:30 pace. My new group was scheduled for 8 miles at 10:10 pace. I know that 20 seconds doesn't seem like a lot. But when you're running for over an hour, it is.

I was in for a little surprise when I was informed of our route plan. YOW! We did some of the toughest ( run up steep hill, turn right run up more, turn left, a little more) hills I've ever run. I've heard about these hills before. I now KNOW about these hills. So that was about the first 4 miles or so. We came down hill, carefully, avoiding all of the sand left over from the ice, and my legs said "thank you".

At mile 5 I hit the water stop, popped an Accel Gel and finished the last 3 strong! While at the moment of climbing those hills, I was re-thinking my decision to run with this faster group (and my bananna I had for breakfast), I was more than satisfied with myself at the end of my run. And alive.

Recovery---- I'm a big fan of recovering. Do I mean go and sleep all day after you run your long run? No. Even though that's what I did in my first season of training. I mean have some protein imediately after the run, a nice big breakfast, tall glass of water/powerade, and maybe an ib profen if there is any inflamation. (Which I get after about 10 miles. The muscles have to recover after an extended run! So even after speed work and hills, this is so important!!!!  So I grabbed a protein bar, a chocolate milk -believe it or not is WONDERFUL for recovery and a big bottle of water and drove home. High. I certainly had that runner's high that comes around every so often.

I rested for a bit.... I felt very energized and ready to take on the day. So, I did a little shopping,cleaning,cooking etc. Much different than my last training season of spending the whole Saturday in bed! I eventually relaxed for a little while with a cat nap and certainly crashed in to bed last night! Over all, I felt wonderful.
I'm a little sore today, but not in pain. Nothing a little light yoga wont fix!!!!

After evaluating how I felt after -physically and mentally- I decided that I will make this my home group.

I have had lots of seasoned runners, and coaches' support on this decision. I am taking their advice and doing it!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yoga Challenge - Day 8

Day 8- Is a repeat of Day 1. The 45 minute (360*) is a great work out. I was super sore the next day, and definitely felt all of the effects of the work out.

This week. I'm dealing with a hurting rib. Which makes anything, even the simple downward facing dog, super challenging. So I did the whole routine, and just modified when it came to the right side twists and such. So I don't know that I will be receiving the full benefits of today practice, but I figure something is better than nothing! Today is a "NO-run" day. So I was happy to have the more intense work out.

Tomorrow, will be easy, if it's a repeat of day 2!

I've consulted with my Dr (My father in law) about my rib. I think it's something lingering from my battle with the flu -or whatever it was- last week.


Yoga Challenge - Day 7

Day 7- Relaxing, short routine.

This was meant to be an extremely relaxing routine. And I'm sure it would have been, had I not been peeved at my computer for freezing! It took me nearly 40 minutes to get through a 20 minute floor routine. UGH!

Okay, anyways, this is a fantastic routine, and I will be practicing it more regularly for evening time. It's only 20 minutes, and you're on the floor pretty much the whole time.

Loved this!!! And will (assuming my computers don't kirplunk on me) be doing it often!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm taking the brave plunge.

I ran with some new friends at Fleet Feet last night. I met another girl who runs in my current group H4a, which is 10:30 pace (for long runs).

I've had this internal battle going on inside my head. To stay, and be super comfortable, and "good" at this pace. Or to move to the next pace group (10:10) and push/challenge myself. I, of course want to be good at what I do. But I, also want to push and exceed new goals....

As I mentioned, I ran with some other runners last night, and met another girl who is going through the same mental battle. SO we decided on our 5 mile journey that we would move up together! Here's how I see it.......worse case scenario, I get there, can't hang, wait at the water stop for the slower pace group and jump in with them. Just a little punch to the ego-right?

Okay, so that's what it boils down to...... What if I get in the faster group, can't hang and have to move back to the slower group-- Would crush my ego.

I'm taking the gamble. I'm gonna do it, maybe at the expense of my little ego, but I think it's worth it!! And plus, now I have a friend who would go through the same thing. :-)

Wish me luck! I'll keep updating on what I think. I'm going to run with them Saturday morning for the first time. Looks like I'll be doing 8 miles Saturday at about 10:10 pace! Hoping the coaches stay true to the pace, this should be okay! We did 5 at about 9:45 pace last night, so 8 should be good! Fingers crossed!!!

Happy Running!

Yoga Challenge - Day 5,6

Day 5- Was tough! It was a lot of balancing poses. Which I obviously need more practice with. I made it though, but definitely couldn't hold a few of the poses. Hopefully, the next time we practice balance, it will have improved some!

Day 6- This day I actually liked. I found it to be beneficial for my running! Lots of hip openers (which I just love), and hamstring stretches (which I just DO NOT love.) My hamstrings are certainly my weakest point. They are super tight, and I hope that doing yoga will eventually get them loosened up. I want to be able to fold completely down either in standing or sitting poses with my feet straight out. This is a goal I'm setting! I think my favorite pose was the one where I was in a lunge and the did a push up with my knee dropping to the side and to the floor. That felt "Delicious"  as they say!

I am looking forward to day 7. It will complete my first week of yoga! And it's also an evening/relaxing routine. Can't wait! I may add this with the Dusk series I have, depending on my time.

Tuesday nights are "Track work" which is super intense speed work outs. So I'll certainly be happy to have yoga waiting for me in the evening!!!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

OKC training week 3

This was my group's 3rd long run. I missed last week due to sickness. And most of this week sucked!

I ran Wednesday morning for the first time in 8 days. Did 3 miles at about 11MM and felt "okay".
Tried to run on Thursday, did 2 miles at about 9 mm. Felt great running, but started coughing, and couln't stop! It was on the treadmill at the gym, and I think I got too hot. It was burning in there! I love the 25 degree weather.
So today, I was a little timid, not knowing what to expect. I did the 5 miles (10:18 pace) with the group, and ran an extra 2 with one of my coaches and a hand full of people. Finishing out at 7 miles in 1:12. SO when I finished I was MORE than trilled that I not only completed it, but felt GREAT!!

So happy to be back at it. I hated not running :-(

I stopped for some oatmeal and fruit, with a hot coffee, on the way home. Ate, and did a little under an hour of yoga. Talk about a perfect recovery!

Here's to many more healthy miles!!!!

Happy Running!

Yoga Challenge - Day 4

Day 4- Standing and balancing poses.  30 Minutes.

This was interesting. I did fine on some of the balance poses, and some of the others, I was pretty wobbly.

I didn't fall or have to put a foot down and start over, so I'm definitely increasing my balance, and have come a long way in the 3-4 months that I've been practicing.

This work out reminded me of why we call it a "practice"

I also thought this was a good leg work out!!!

Okay, I won't lie. I did day 3 and 4 at the same time. I waited too late to start on day 3 last night, and when the video stopped working and started skipping, I gave up! So the 2 together put me at about a 55 minute work out -- On top of my 7 mile run this morning. But I feel great and ready to take on the day! I think it was great to practice after my long run. My muscles feel like rubber bands!


Yoga Challenge - Day 3

20 minutes of Core workout.

This was a great work out! I felt it was intense enough to feel it (especially at the end!) but not so hard that I would never do it again!

Love the half push up sequence. My arms will be thanking me later!!

As a runner, I'm all about strengthening my cor.

Over all great work out!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

OKC training week 2

Was a bust...

Sickness. Everywhere! I got the one speed work out last week. And nothing to follow!
Hopefully this week will be better! I ran yesterday for the first time in 8 days. Felt okay. Took it really easy, keeping the pace around 11:00. I will run something more tempo'y today, hopefully. We have snow and ice on the ground, so I might have to treamill it. But I'm willing to do that! And of course Saturday is our LSD which will be 5 miles.

Next week will be GREAT! Mom is coming in to town, so I wont have to do any juggling with the baby, and scheduling! I'll participate in every group run I can!

Happy AND HEALTHY running!!

Yoga Challenge - Day 2

This morning, I completed day 2 of my yoga challenge.

It was easy. Very relaxing. Mostly focused on breathing, and matching breath with movements.

I feel energized, and ready for the day. -- Who am I kidding, it's a snow day, I'm not going anywhere. So, I feel energized to clean!!!!

But this would be a wonderful way to start the day. It was only about 15 minutes. Since it was so easy, I added on one of the vocal breathing meditations. It was about 8 minutes. Pretty cool, to just sit and breath, and think about NOTHING for a minute.

When's the last time you thought about nothing?


Yoga Challenge - Day 1

I accepted the challenge from a friend to do 21 days of yoga! And then blog about it. So here goes.

Last night, was Day 1.

The work out was 38 minutes.

I learned some new poses, that I'd never done before, and WOW.  Lots of hip openers. Everything felt nice! I found myself a few times having to straighten my leg in some of the warrior poses for a break. Shaking and burning is good...Falling on your face, not good.

This morning I'm a little sore. Could be a mix of new yoga poses, running, being sick with the flu. Doing yoga with lots of head congestion was a new experience for me too. Down facing dog never throbbed so much!

Never the less I found the work our challenging and liked the new experience! -- The last half of the w/o was nice. Relaxing and lots of stretching.

Now, time to do day 2!



Like most of you, I'm a busyworking mom, and  I don't have a lot of time to be in the gym do do my cross training. I am doing good to get my 3-4 runs in. I found yoga, and fell in love with the practice! I'm learning that there are so  many different aspects to it! There are different sequences of cardio VS. slow burn.. The different stretching techniques..  Matching breath with the movement... The detoxing of the organs by twisting. So so much!

I started with the Jillian Michaels Yoga Melt down first. This is a pretty intense (high cardio) work out! There are 2 levels. I just wanted to master the first level. So I only did the 2nd one once before I gave the borrowed DVD back  to it's owner. But the good news is, it's only about 30-35 minutes.

The next experience I had was completely different from the first! I borrowed   A.M. Yoga by Rodney Yee from a friend. This was 20 minutes of stretches for each day of the week. This was heavenly! Very relaxing. No cardio what-so-ever, but extremely refreshing! I need to purchase this one on my own for just a morning routine! It's not great for cross training, but I HIGHLY recommend it!

I was ready to up my practice. I had a chat with a friend that has lots of experience with yoga, and got some great recommendations from her. There is a girl in Hawaii name Rainbeau Mars. She's a yoga god. Really, she is SO good at it, that it's pretty inspirational! So my next adventure was  the Yoga for Beauty series with Rainbeau Mars. This was a whole new world to me. This was REAL yoga. This 2 set series has a "Dawn" work out, and a "Dusk" work out. I stared out with the dawn  and work on it for a few days. It's about 45-50 minutes long. It's not as intense as the meltdown, but higher energy than the AM yoga! I then moved on the the dusk workout, and I LOVE it. It's super relaxing, and tention relieving! Great way to end the day. And honestly, you could do both in one day. The am w/o is more energizing, and will get your blood pumping, so it's enough to actually count as a work out. Where as the pm w/o is very calm, quiet and relaxing. I light a candle and do this in the dark. Hubby did it with me the other night and liked it too. He found it do-able. I will definitely be buying this series to keep!

My new thing as of yesterday is the 21 Day Yoga Journal Challenge    This is a challenge to do yoga for 21 days straight, and then blog about it. Which is my inspiration for this paticular blog. So I will be blogging a little each day about my journey. My friend (and yoga mentor) Krista has inpired me to take this challenge along with her! So I'm going to. I figure what the heck? It can't hurt anything. And in 3 weeks I'll be stronger, and healthier! I will be more flexible! And a stronger runner.

I also have yoga workouts on my on demand  feature of my tv. I utilize these often! 

Yoga isn't just a bunch of stretches and meditating.

I've found the practice very beneficial to my running regimen! 

  • It is body strength training
  • Core strengthening
  • Extensive stretches
  • Rythmatic breathing
  • Cardio strength (some are) 
  • Slow work out- quiet. Contradicts running!

I'm sure many more benefits that I didn't even touch! But like I said, I've found it so useful! I hope that you give it a shot! If nothing else it will certainly bring you back to center and bring some clarity in to you scattered brain!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First speed work out

I've never done a full on speed workout. Only a little sprinting towards the end of my runs... Last season, I just wanted to finish the 13.1 miles! So I skipped the speed work.

Now, let me tell you. I looked at the schedule for a SWO, and almost cried. It was SOOOOOOOO confusing! I channeled in to my friends on the face book forum, to get some insight. I then received a call from one of the more elite runners. He attempted to explain it to me, and then just told me more about yasso's which are 10 times easier to figure out! So he pretty much set me up to run (I'll tell you in miles, instead of meters) like something like this:

5 minute warm up
1/2 mile- 8:30 pace
1/4 miles-walk
Repeat 3 times, and end with 5 minute cool down.

It is suppose to be harder than a tempo run, but easier than just sprinting full out.Since it was about 4.4:15 minutes.

I did pretty well, my splits (1/2 mile runs) were faster each time. I will say that I was running low on fuel, by the last interval! So, I'm not sure what the norm is, but I think I will be looking in to some acceleration help next time ( like gu, or accel gel ) It's a short duration, but high intensity! I like it! Even though I was re-thinking what I'd eaten earlier that day.

I logged about 3.2 miles before my phone died, and did almost another mile with my friend Melissa [Who is training for her first 10k] at an easier pace. Normally I would have done a 5 minute cool down, and pretty much did a 10 minute cool down.

There ya have it! My first expierence with speed work. 
Most speed work is done on a track. My group meets at the track each Tuesday night, so I' will try and make the group runs every other week or so, if nothing else to LEARN how to do it!!!! But I will try and just do it on my own on the nights I can't. Now, usually I am the first to go gung-ho about group training! In this case, I feel like I really could do this on my own, b/c let's be real, no one is talking! Ha!

I will keep the update going on the "effects" of speed work out. And do my best to explain it, as it I learn this complicated-ness.
Oh, and it was about 20 degrees with a wind chill of something in the single digits! Everything was warm except my mouth- Numb. These bad boys will get your blood pumping!

Happy Running!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OKC training week 1

Well last Saturday I ran with my new group for the first time! We're training at a 10:30 Long distance pace. SO that puts race pace around 9 minute miles. We were scheduled for 4 miles with the group. I ran with them, we got back to the store, and a handful of my group mates wanted to get a few extra miles- I was IN! We finished our first training run at 6 miles averaging about 10:18 per mile.

I only talked to the coaches and employees of fleet feet. SO I didn't make any new friends or recognize anyone I knew- I think our group is the largest one!

 I stayed in the back where there was space, instead of trying to get through the herd! I was extremely comfortable (even with a few inclines) the whole run. Which is the goal......But.  I'm thinking of moving up to the next pace group. This would put my long slow runs at 10:10 pace. So here's my dellima ....
your LSD (long,slow,distance) run should be really comfortable, and about 90 seconds slower than your goal "race pace" ...... If I move up to the 10:10 group,(which by the way is a MUCH smaller group!) I would have to set a goal to be faster! I'm sure about half way through training, after lots of speed work outs, Hill repeats, tempo runs I will be more prepared and comfortable at a 10:10 pace for 10 miles!

I think, I will stay with the H4A group for 2 more long runs and see how it goes.

Last season, I was training to get my miles up. I wasn't worried about what pace, each time we upped the miles, that was a distance PR for me.... I've kept a base of about 6 miles for the 6 weeks after the ROUTE 66, so I really don't have to worry about increasing the distance this time, and I guess I can focus more on the speed.

If you're training for something keep me updated!!!! I'll try to update each week, or more on mine! I have been doing throw back Tuesdays, which allows me to re-live my couch to 5k expierence! I am so glad I kept track of it! I didn't as regularly with my first half training. I wish I had.

Happy running!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2nd season of half marathon training-

I'm so excited that I just received my official email for my spring training! I'll be training for another half marathon, which will be May 1st.
This year I'll be doing the Oklahoma City Marathon.

Why not do the full you ask? Well, I have a few reasons....
  • I'm just not ready. I have not been bitten by the "Full Marathong bug" just yet. I WILL do one in the next few years, but as of now, not one this year.
  • I want to beat my first half marathon time of 2:20. My ultimate goal would be to get under a 2 hour half, but for this particular race, I'm thinking in the 2:10-2:15 range. That would land me around 10 minute miles for 13.1 miles.
  • Durability. I don't think I have quite built up the endurance to run for (realistically) 5 hours. I would like to get a few half under my belt.
  • I don't want to lose more weight
So I'm thinking after I have another baby, I'll have a goal of doing a marathon. Perfect for getting back in to shape!

I have kept my base around 6 miles while in "off season" of training. I think it's perfect!
I have really enjoyed running in between seasons. I have picked up some of my friends who are getting back in to running, and just flat out HAD FUN running! Although I am itching to get out there and do some distance!

Once training starts ( THIS WEEK!) I'll be a little more focused on my tempo runs, speed work,hills and all that. I think I will still save one day to run with my friends, any pace, any distance.

I'm training with a different group this season, and I can't be more excited!!

I have a few friends who have mentioned wanting to do a half marathon this spring- NOW is the time to get signed up! Our first "long run" is 4 miles. And remember long runs are very slow, and there are water stops involved. So, if you can run  3 miles, the 4 miles would be considered a long run.


Go to Fleet Feet's website and check it out!

Set goals. Get and stay motivated!

There are walking groups, couch to 5k groups, 5k-10k groups, half marathon, full marathon -- Something for everyone.

You will hear a lot about my training, and the new experience. I'm all about the power of numbers!

Happy Running!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let's talk shoes.

Here's my deal...

I started in Nike's. I loved my Nike's......after my Nike's went dead the week before my half marathon, I learned that they were the wrong shoe for distance running! I was not getting enough support at all for any kind of distance running. I was recommended Brooks Adrenaline next after a session with Fleet Feet experts. Well.... a week before a half marathon, is not exactly the best time to break in new shoes!Let's not talk about the fact that it's only 5 weeks to Christmas at this point- So I didn't want to fork up the $120 for new kicks! I have a great friend who wears those shoes. IN MY SIZE! -- They only had about 100 miles on them. Perfect! She let me borrow them for the race. They got me through to the end of my 13.1! Whew so thankful for her!!!!!!

So she decided that I should just keep them-- WHAT? Okay, after a lot of persuading, I kept them. I began to have shin splints, which I've never really had before (except after too much TOO fast running back in the day) After some consulting with some of my running mentors, we came to the conclusion that I'm lifting my toes to high when I run, and landing on my heel more than usual.

 Fast forward to Christmas....Chera, my fairy running mother, gives me a gift bag with new SHOES in it!!!! WHAT AGAIN?!.... She gives me some Adidas Sequence. I put them on a few days later to take them for a spin. And I just love the way they feel on my feet! I feel like my foot is so much more supported! -- The only thing I noticed was a few knee pings, which I am just writing off to breaking in new shoes. So after 6 runs in them, I now notice no knee pings, still love the support, and the way they fell when I'm running. Now, my problem is the top of my foot, and the ball of my foot is hurting(under my big toe, and on top of my arch) I just don't know! I have a feeling maybe they are laced too tight, or wrong or something.

I feel like Cinderella.. Looking for the perfect slipper! LOL.

What to do?

Throw back Tuesday

* I think that making a list of races or events that you would like to be a part of helps! I did most of these races. Once the holidays started hitting I got slack, and didn't get a single "run/race" in December! BUMMER!!! That's the month I really wanted to do! Next year.

Goals are good! Write them down, or blog them! Why are you running? and Where (so to speak) are you running TO?




Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have several of my friends that are interested in running now. I know that having better weather is much more motivating!!

I am the crazy one who started in the dead middle of winter, but hey , I made it! :-)

So there are SEVERAL races coming up. I was looking at the schedule. And just off the top of my head here are a few that I am interested in. I would LOVE to have any of you do them with me!

This weekend is the Autism Run ( Ready.. Set ... Run ) on Saturday. It's a 5k. I'm also doing that night The Full Moon Run that same evening. This should be interesting... 6 miles in one day? hmm..

But in the up coming months there are some fun things that I want to attend...

  •   June 26th - The Green Corn Run  Of course this is my high school home town! This just something fun I thought I would do. I like to go to Green Corn Festival every year. So, why not catch a run?? 5K
  • July 3rd  The Fire Cracker Run!!!!! The girls from the Salon are all gearing up for this run! It's the day before my BIRTHDAY! And I'd love nothing more than to do this with some of my friends! 5K
  • August 21st - Tulsa Mud Run. Yep you read that right.. Mud Run. This is only a 2 mile run. It's on a muddy course, with tire and other obstacles. I think it's meant to be for pure FUN! 
  • September 19thLadies First Run This is a race where the ladies get a 3 minute head start in the race, and the men have to "chase " them... How cute?? It use to be refered to as the "Skirt Chasers" and the ladies in the race can get running skirts, instead of TEE shirts. Now that's what I'm talking about! 5K
  • September 25th - Race for the CURE This is a big one. Well, it's only a 5K, but it's one that I've done before. I always look forward to it every  year. Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness! Even if you don't run, come out and support!!!
  • October 30th-  Tulsa Run! Well, this is it... the ONE that I WAS training for. This is the 15K that I had set my heart on. It's 9.3 miles... That's a long way to run! But I've got my heart set on bigger and better.. .Keep reading!
  • November 21st -  Route 66 Half Marathon .... This is really it.. This is where my eyes are set! This will be my new training goals! I will run the Tulsa Run in October which is 9.3 miles, and the HALF marathon is 13.1 miles. SO in the scheme of things it's only 4 more miles.. Oh how I have the burn to get one of those 13.1 stickers for my back windshield! 
  • December 31st/ January 1st- Race to the NEW Year!  And that's exactly what you do. This race begins at 11:45 pm on Dec. 31st...  5K How fun???

So this is about a race a month or so. I know it seems like a log..   But as of now,  I'm doing 5K plus 3-4 times a week. So the races are just for something to do with all the training! :-)  ( finished up my couch to 5k a few weeks ago.. it really does work!!)

These are some of the ones that I want to do, and I attached links to all of them, that way some of you who have been asking can see what, when and where they are!

Also, if you are just interested in running, here is the COUCH TO 5K training program. I have promised to send to several people. So figure out a race you'd like to do ( if you start the couch to 5k now, you can do the FIRECRACKER RUN with us!!) and make that your goal.

 Also, just a little note for some of you who are doing the C to 5K, it's OKAY to repeat weeks. It should be challenging, but if you feel like it's not getting easier by your 3rd work out of the week, then repeat the week, or atleast just do the work out another time or 2... And another little side note, find the times of day that are working best for you. 
A few other little side notes...
  • You may have to go later or earlier in the evening. It's starting to warm up. ANd we don't want to let the heat dis courage us.. We went for a run the other night at 9pm on the river, and it was beautiful. I went with my husband, so I don't recommend going to a place like that at night by your self, but maybe in your neighborhood or something. 
  • Remember ----go at your own pace. Don't try to work for speed.
  • Breathe in your nose and out of your mouth. If your getting a side stitch or muscle tiredness, it's good to take two swift breaths IN through your nose, and exhale through your mouth for 3 strides...Repeat.. This is better than trying to take very deep breaths, your allowed more oxygen this way. 
  • Relax....Keep your shoulders relaxed, and down ( not tense and up by your neck). Make sure you're hands and jaws aren't clenching, this burns more energy and can make you more tired easier. It makes you tend to slouch, and not able to have an open chest, allowing as much air as possible!
  • Listening to music can increase your endurance by up to 15% ( I think it's more for me!)

* Remember, I'm no expert... But I do run with some great Physical therapists, and have some great friends who are extremely seasoned and have passed down some great advice! I hope I can do the same for someone else!