Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm taking the brave plunge.

I ran with some new friends at Fleet Feet last night. I met another girl who runs in my current group H4a, which is 10:30 pace (for long runs).

I've had this internal battle going on inside my head. To stay, and be super comfortable, and "good" at this pace. Or to move to the next pace group (10:10) and push/challenge myself. I, of course want to be good at what I do. But I, also want to push and exceed new goals....

As I mentioned, I ran with some other runners last night, and met another girl who is going through the same mental battle. SO we decided on our 5 mile journey that we would move up together! Here's how I see it.......worse case scenario, I get there, can't hang, wait at the water stop for the slower pace group and jump in with them. Just a little punch to the ego-right?

Okay, so that's what it boils down to...... What if I get in the faster group, can't hang and have to move back to the slower group-- Would crush my ego.

I'm taking the gamble. I'm gonna do it, maybe at the expense of my little ego, but I think it's worth it!! And plus, now I have a friend who would go through the same thing. :-)

Wish me luck! I'll keep updating on what I think. I'm going to run with them Saturday morning for the first time. Looks like I'll be doing 8 miles Saturday at about 10:10 pace! Hoping the coaches stay true to the pace, this should be okay! We did 5 at about 9:45 pace last night, so 8 should be good! Fingers crossed!!!

Happy Running!


  1. So I had no idea you had a blog.

    Looks like you destroyed the 10:10 pace. Good job!

    Sometimes the mental barriers are more difficult to overcome than the physical ones. Think about the 4 minute mile, thought medically impossible at one point.

    Look forward to following.

  2. Thanks, I wouldn't say destroyed, b/c it was certainly a push (with the mountains and all) But I'm looking forward to my next run to see the effects. I hear that the hill work outs and repeats help just as much as speed work!

    The mental blocks are still hard for me! I feel like I should be running at an 11 minute mile like I did when I first started. So to see anything in the 9's or even 8's now just still seems so un-atainable!