Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OKC training week 1

Well last Saturday I ran with my new group for the first time! We're training at a 10:30 Long distance pace. SO that puts race pace around 9 minute miles. We were scheduled for 4 miles with the group. I ran with them, we got back to the store, and a handful of my group mates wanted to get a few extra miles- I was IN! We finished our first training run at 6 miles averaging about 10:18 per mile.

I only talked to the coaches and employees of fleet feet. SO I didn't make any new friends or recognize anyone I knew- I think our group is the largest one!

 I stayed in the back where there was space, instead of trying to get through the herd! I was extremely comfortable (even with a few inclines) the whole run. Which is the goal......But.  I'm thinking of moving up to the next pace group. This would put my long slow runs at 10:10 pace. So here's my dellima ....
your LSD (long,slow,distance) run should be really comfortable, and about 90 seconds slower than your goal "race pace" ...... If I move up to the 10:10 group,(which by the way is a MUCH smaller group!) I would have to set a goal to be faster! I'm sure about half way through training, after lots of speed work outs, Hill repeats, tempo runs I will be more prepared and comfortable at a 10:10 pace for 10 miles!

I think, I will stay with the H4A group for 2 more long runs and see how it goes.

Last season, I was training to get my miles up. I wasn't worried about what pace, each time we upped the miles, that was a distance PR for me.... I've kept a base of about 6 miles for the 6 weeks after the ROUTE 66, so I really don't have to worry about increasing the distance this time, and I guess I can focus more on the speed.

If you're training for something keep me updated!!!! I'll try to update each week, or more on mine! I have been doing throw back Tuesdays, which allows me to re-live my couch to 5k expierence! I am so glad I kept track of it! I didn't as regularly with my first half training. I wish I had.

Happy running!!!


  1. Now that you KNOW you can run the mileage...that isnt the brain block anymore. Its going to be the pace so you might as well be encouraged with a group when you can! Might be the best time to improve your time. :)

  2. Ah, thanks! I think you're right!! We shall see, after tonight's run, I'm thinking of dropping back to the walking group! :) Good job! Can't wait to follow your 10k training.....so exciting!!!!