Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yoga Challenge - Day 8

Day 8- Is a repeat of Day 1. The 45 minute (360*) is a great work out. I was super sore the next day, and definitely felt all of the effects of the work out.

This week. I'm dealing with a hurting rib. Which makes anything, even the simple downward facing dog, super challenging. So I did the whole routine, and just modified when it came to the right side twists and such. So I don't know that I will be receiving the full benefits of today practice, but I figure something is better than nothing! Today is a "NO-run" day. So I was happy to have the more intense work out.

Tomorrow, will be easy, if it's a repeat of day 2!

I've consulted with my Dr (My father in law) about my rib. I think it's something lingering from my battle with the flu -or whatever it was- last week.


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