Monday, March 28, 2011

Okc Training- Week 11

Turn up the heat!!!

Monday- Recovery(ish) run. Easy run at Lafortune with my friend Amber, who is training for her "wedding marathon"
Tuesday- Track work. This was intense. We did 1200's I didn't do a good job AT ALL, of keeping track of what we did. But it was intense, and my lungs were on fire.
Thursday- Tempo run. Now, tempo runs usually are a faster pace,(3-5 miles) anywhere from 45-90 seconds faster than your LSR pace. So for me, mine should be about 9:10. Well that is an acceptable and do-able pace when running hills mixed in with it. Which is normal! Let me tell you something. Runners are the pushiest, peer pressuring, and believing in you-ist people I've ever met! I was set on 5 mile, hill/tempo run. Nope. What I did was a 7 mile hill- more like mountain- 8:39 average pace tempo/hill/mountain run. O.M.G.
Friday- Suppose to be a recovery run. I was actually looking forward to this run, but it ended up not working out. I rested instead. My legs were super sore!
Saturday- 14 mile LongSlowRun. I was SOOOOO looking forward to this run! My legs were pretty sore, and certainly tired! We managed to keep our pace around 9:45-10:00. Few hills in the mix, but nothing I couldn't handle considering my previous run. I actually felt really good for this run. I had to do a lot of preparing for it with music, nutrition, potty breaks... ETC.. When you're doing anything for 2 plus hours, there has to be some preparation involved.

So today is Monday. I'm feeling a lot less sore, and ready to run. I'm excited for a good, easy 4 miler! I will go ahead and skip my speed work out tomorrow, and just get in some miles. Maybe a 5-6 mile run, and hit the hills again on Thursday.

Week 11 definetly packed some heat! But over all I feel great! I had a little pain behind my knee (uppper part) thinking it's part of my hamstring, that was kinda tight that was bothering me after Thursday and at the end of my LSR on Saturday. It seems much better now!

Intense and happy running!!!!

High miles and nutrition

Nutrition is something I constantly have to adjust! When I first started running last year, I would get hungry about 20 minutes in to my work out. I am not sure if it were because I was increasing my activity level, so my metabolism was going crazy, or what? But I know for a fact that it's was hard for me to eat before hand. A few things that I have learned by trial and error are :

  • Carbs carbs carbs carbs. This is fuel for the body! So before a run, I will do a bagel, or english muffin with a little bit of almond butter, or peanut butter. I also like that hazelnut spread "Nutella" Sometimes I will only do half of a bagel/english muffin.
  • If the run is later in the day, I'm conscious of what I am eating through out the day. I like to keep my meals lighter, like sandwiches, salads, soups, cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit.
  • Liquids- I had gotten horrible about drinking water. After I had my daughter, I just wasn't "thirsty" anymore. So I make myself hydrate on run days and the day before a long run. So this puts me drinking pretty much only water for Monday,Tuesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday. I mean I still drink water the other days, but just not as much. 
  • Protein. is. GOOD.  Eggs, chicken,fish,nuts,avacado,peanut butter... You know all the stuff that contains lots of protein! Eat it. Protein helps to rebuild the damaged muscle (soreness) and strengthen it. I'm sooooo no a nutritionist or anything, but I think our coaches say to eat protein with in the 2 hours post (hard) run. I love eggs after a run! Hard boiled, scrambled, poached.. ANYWAY! I also, have found that chocolate milk. Just straight up vitamin D, whole chocolate milk works wonders. Clif Shot Roks are a wonderful recovery snack. If I know that I'm going to be sore, I ususally will have a chocolate milk, and ibprofen immediately following my workout. And it WORKS. So recovering, and refueling your body is the most important. I also love and maybe I'm semi addicted to, fruit smoothies with whey protein added. YUM.
  • Nutritional supplements. So this one you have to try around and see what you like, and can tolerate. After about 1 hour of my work out, I NEED something to substain my energy. Carbs Carbs Carbs. Again. My first training season, I only experimented with GU. I tried the chomps *gummy bear type chews* and the GU gel shots. These are pretty much a ton of carbohydrates to keep you energized through your run. I never had problems with it. Some people say that it can be too harsh on the GI system. This training season, I have played around with a couple other chews,gels,beans... I have tried the Cliffbar, Accel Gel, and the Honey Stingers. Hands down, my favorite line of Gu and chews, are the honey stingers! They taste like a spoon full of honey, and they work AMAZING. I don't like the chews in any other brand. But I can handle the honey stinger chews. They are pretty raw. -- Meaning, organic. After falling in love with these, and then switching back to GU every once in a while, I definitely feel the difference!
  • One other thing that I forgot to mention that I like, which I never thought I would.... Gatorade Prime. This is a little packet of juice. It's really sweet, and is loaded with B12 and Carbohydrates to get you ready for your work out. I only use these on my INTENSE work out, and not my duration work outs. So, before a fast run, or speed work at the track. Something that I wouldn't take any of the above supplements for, b/c of the length of the work out. I always follow an intense work out with some sort of protein, to help rebuild my muscles, and minimize soreness.
Nutrition has been one of the hardest things for me to learn. What works for some people, will NOT work for everyone. It's all about practicing eating, drinking, and taking on and during your training runs! 

I hope that some of this has helped-- I know that when I first started running, and peeking an hour of running, I started looking and asking around like crazy to see what other people like, and use!

Happy Running!!!

    Monday, March 21, 2011

    Okc Training- Week 10

    Week 10 of training...

    Last week, I felt like I really took my running to another level. I ran a 12 miler, broke a 25 minute 5k, ya-de-ya-de-yada!

    Monday- I was still feeling tight, and sore-ish from my race over the weekend. So I decided not to run. I wasn't going to skip the recovery run, but just move it.

    Tuesday- I decided that I was going to do an easy run. The day was gorgeous. I decided to run against the sunset. Beautiful. I set out to run 4ish miles at a comfortable pace. I ended up going for about 6 miles. I felt great, except for my body! Mentally, it was there. I loved being out there. But my legs were very tired, and sluggish. I also decided to run this run un plugged. This is a whole new expierence for me. I had no music, or audio book or anything. Completely different. And I liked it!

    Thursday- Tempo/Hills. I set out to do a quick 4-5 miles that morning. I was going to do a half mile warm up, and then 3-4 miles at a 9:00 pace.I got to mile 2 in to my early morning solo run, still only averaging about 9:30 pace, and decided. I just didn't wanna! -- I literally just turned the corner and came home. I didn't wanna run. I wasn't sore, I wasn't tired, and nothing hurt... I just didn't have it in me. So I listened.

    Friday - Should have been another 3-4 mile recovery run. I skipped it all together. Still just not feeling it.

    Saturday- After averaging an 8 mile week TOTAL, I was extremely  nervous about running 9 minute miles for 8 miles. But, I KILLED IT. I ran so strong with my group. Felt great the whole time. Again, around mile 3, I needed to, well, oh shoot we're all runners, PEE. I needed to pee. I told my coach, I was going to run ahead to the Mc Donald's, and I would catch up. Little did I know that "catch up" meant run 7:10-7:30 for almost a mile. But I did, along with 2 other members of my group-- We caught the 9:00 paced group, and felt "relief" when we did. Thinking that this might take it out of me for the other 4 miles left, I was a little concerned, but nope! After popping a GU packet, and some water, I was good to go!

    Moral of this week's story? L.I.S.T.E.N. to your body! It knows what it needs and wants. It know's how to compensate for what it's lacking. We just have to listen.

    So, only getting 16 miles this week, was sad, but I also felt AMAZING on my 8 miler. After that run, I certainly have it in my realm of "attainable" to ask for a goal of 2:00 half. Maybe.

    Run Happy, AND safe!!

    Monday, March 14, 2011

    Okc Training- Week 9

    Week 9. WOW.

    After my speedy 9 miles, I was making sure that Monday's run would be more recovery than it usually is. I made sure to keep the pace around 10 minutes(even though it's 10:40). I knew that if I didn't, I wouldn't work out the tension and soreness I'd accumulated. It worked like a charm!

    Tuesday was the Mardi Gras fun run at Fleet Feet, down town. This was so much fun-- Even though I got lost, and ended up running an extra half mile, it was cool to run down town, in the rain. I replaced my speed work out with this run. But it was still a speedy run! -- Jennifer and I logged 3.5 miles in about 30 minutes.. So, I'd say it's a good trade off! I volunteered to walk in the parade and hand out beads and candy with some other FF'rs! Super fun!

    Thursday - I decided that since I wanted to run the St. Patricks 5k, I would need to get a  SLOW 12 mile run in somewhere.... How and I going to pin down someone for 2 hours to run on a Thursday? I decided I would try and get several people for different parts of the run. I had someone to run the first 6 with me, and the 2nd 6. Well, my girl ended up getting stuck with some school work, and couldn't make it! -- so, I decided, I could handle 6 miles on my own. I ran 3 miles out from my meeting spot with Ashley, who would be there for the back half of my run, and met back with Ashley. I actually ended up getting about 6.5 before she got there - She helped me finish out my run. I was extremely cautious to keep the pace around 10 minute miles. The first 2-3 miles I had to regulate, but I finally settled in perfectly! Chera let me use her garmin watch which aided in keeping my pace, and distance nicely! I finished the run feeling strong. I had no soreness the next day, and felt great for race day!!

    Saturday was our St. Patricks day run. Scott has been wanting to get in a good 5k, before it gets too hot. He made plans to take off a little time at work and we spent the whole morning together. We raced- got some PR's- had a great breakfast- went for a long walk on riverside. Was FANTASTIC!!!

    Back to the PRs.. I really had no goals, but to beat my last 5k time which is 29:43. The course was flat and the weather was PERFECT! It was a bigger race. There were lots of people there, the news was there, a lot of the special olympics were there. So this only means a big crowd cheering for you! My running mate, Ashley, wanted a 25 minute 5k. I immediately shied away from this idea. I told her " I'll hang with you until I can't anymore!" I knew that this meant, I pretty much had to stay at or under an 8 minute mile the whole time. And. I. Did. I settled in and stayed distracted...... I started thinking about things un related to running. My breathing was heavier than usual, but not absent. At the 4k mark, I had to keep talking myself in to keep going. I wanted to stop. Not walk, but stop. I wasn't hurting, just getting tired! -- I saw the finish line. Why walk now? I stared at the ground and kept the pace... I let go of the 25 minute goal, even though I had barely gone above 8's, I just wanted to get slower and slower. I look up and see the finish line even closer. I see the clock.... I'm about 50 yards out, and see that it reads 24 something... I didn't think twice before I TOOK OFF! Crossing the finish line I stop my watch and look down to see 24:56 -- and then I start feeling my body again. And the feeling of churning stomach gets stronger and stronger-- OMG AM I GONNA YAK?! It was close. Really close. But after about 30 seconds, I was golden. I found my husband and found out that he PR'd too! 23:30. He raced in his vibrams for the first time. He said he was happy with his time, but didn't feel the greatest during his run.

    But we were happy with our times, and run after all.

    I'm so excited to look back and see how far we've come! Last year I was doing the couch to 5k at this time. I'm not "bragging" - but I am proud of our accomplishments. It took someone else to be proud of their accomplishments to inspire me!!! I hope to inspire someone else. To know that YOU CAN DO IT. Whatever the goal is that you want, you can do it. It may not be to run a 25 minute 5k, but just finish. Just finishing in it'self it such an accomplishment! It may not be distance running, but just to run 5 miles! -- DO IT. The only person who will hold you back, is YOU. That's it. Put aside any doubt, and excuses, and get it done.

    Run Inspired!

    OKC training- Week 8

    Oopsy, getting a little behind!

    Week 8 was a great training week. I really have been trying to stick to my training regemin. It's WORKING. I do a slower run on Mondays. Speed work Tuesday.Tempo/hills Thursday, Long run Saturday.
    Week 8 ended in a 9 mile tempo run. I was nervous about running 9 minute miles for this long. Here's how it is suppose to go.
    1.5 mile warm up pace 9:30-9:45
    6 miles at tempo 9:00
    1.5 mile cool down 9:30-9:45 pace.

    Right around mile 7( which was a half mile before our cool down) a running mate and I decided that quick trip looked too good to pace. We needed to tinkle (TMI I KNOW!) So we spring ahead of the group get in and out as fast as possible while our back coach stays behind waiting for us. We get out and he starts mapping out a plan for us to catch up.. WAIT, catch up!?  Well, after all, they were slowing down, it was possible! -- So we ran our last 2 miles averaging around 8:15-8:30 pace. We almost caught them! I'll never forget this run. It had the biggest hill I've ever run. I like to call it Mount Galveston. My hands were almost frost bitten. and it was my first long run to average UNDER 9 minute miles. Oh, maybe I should mention that Coach Bobby, who wanted to "catch up", is 68. Yes, he's 68 years old! How incredible??

    Each week, I'm feeling the effects of my training and conditioning. Sometimes it's hard hard work, but, it's so worth it. I wont always have the drive, time or ability to train. So I'm taking full advantage of it now! And LOVING IT!

    Happy Running!