Monday, March 14, 2011

OKC training- Week 8

Oopsy, getting a little behind!

Week 8 was a great training week. I really have been trying to stick to my training regemin. It's WORKING. I do a slower run on Mondays. Speed work Tuesday.Tempo/hills Thursday, Long run Saturday.
Week 8 ended in a 9 mile tempo run. I was nervous about running 9 minute miles for this long. Here's how it is suppose to go.
1.5 mile warm up pace 9:30-9:45
6 miles at tempo 9:00
1.5 mile cool down 9:30-9:45 pace.

Right around mile 7( which was a half mile before our cool down) a running mate and I decided that quick trip looked too good to pace. We needed to tinkle (TMI I KNOW!) So we spring ahead of the group get in and out as fast as possible while our back coach stays behind waiting for us. We get out and he starts mapping out a plan for us to catch up.. WAIT, catch up!?  Well, after all, they were slowing down, it was possible! -- So we ran our last 2 miles averaging around 8:15-8:30 pace. We almost caught them! I'll never forget this run. It had the biggest hill I've ever run. I like to call it Mount Galveston. My hands were almost frost bitten. and it was my first long run to average UNDER 9 minute miles. Oh, maybe I should mention that Coach Bobby, who wanted to "catch up", is 68. Yes, he's 68 years old! How incredible??

Each week, I'm feeling the effects of my training and conditioning. Sometimes it's hard hard work, but, it's so worth it. I wont always have the drive, time or ability to train. So I'm taking full advantage of it now! And LOVING IT!

Happy Running!

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