Monday, March 28, 2011

Okc Training- Week 11

Turn up the heat!!!

Monday- Recovery(ish) run. Easy run at Lafortune with my friend Amber, who is training for her "wedding marathon"
Tuesday- Track work. This was intense. We did 1200's I didn't do a good job AT ALL, of keeping track of what we did. But it was intense, and my lungs were on fire.
Thursday- Tempo run. Now, tempo runs usually are a faster pace,(3-5 miles) anywhere from 45-90 seconds faster than your LSR pace. So for me, mine should be about 9:10. Well that is an acceptable and do-able pace when running hills mixed in with it. Which is normal! Let me tell you something. Runners are the pushiest, peer pressuring, and believing in you-ist people I've ever met! I was set on 5 mile, hill/tempo run. Nope. What I did was a 7 mile hill- more like mountain- 8:39 average pace tempo/hill/mountain run. O.M.G.
Friday- Suppose to be a recovery run. I was actually looking forward to this run, but it ended up not working out. I rested instead. My legs were super sore!
Saturday- 14 mile LongSlowRun. I was SOOOOO looking forward to this run! My legs were pretty sore, and certainly tired! We managed to keep our pace around 9:45-10:00. Few hills in the mix, but nothing I couldn't handle considering my previous run. I actually felt really good for this run. I had to do a lot of preparing for it with music, nutrition, potty breaks... ETC.. When you're doing anything for 2 plus hours, there has to be some preparation involved.

So today is Monday. I'm feeling a lot less sore, and ready to run. I'm excited for a good, easy 4 miler! I will go ahead and skip my speed work out tomorrow, and just get in some miles. Maybe a 5-6 mile run, and hit the hills again on Thursday.

Week 11 definetly packed some heat! But over all I feel great! I had a little pain behind my knee (uppper part) thinking it's part of my hamstring, that was kinda tight that was bothering me after Thursday and at the end of my LSR on Saturday. It seems much better now!

Intense and happy running!!!!


  1. Good Job. Your definition of the hill work...reminds me of my long run which also turned into hill work, thanks to a certain someone who you should paint on while he sleeps tonight!! grr. LOL I know my hills werent nearly as intense, but for my first "real" hill workout...i hated them just as much as i thought i would! hahaha are totally going to kick butt at the 1/2. You have your hubby shakin in his boots about time! :)

  2. LOL The hills will totally help! I remember running those hills Melissa, last year. They were so hard, and anytime we headed that way, I wanted to cry. But you will be a much stronger runner, and proud that you've done them.

    I'm not going to beat him! But if I did. OMG I would fall over and die of excitement! I'm getting so excited and nervous!