Monday, March 21, 2011

Okc Training- Week 10

Week 10 of training...

Last week, I felt like I really took my running to another level. I ran a 12 miler, broke a 25 minute 5k, ya-de-ya-de-yada!

Monday- I was still feeling tight, and sore-ish from my race over the weekend. So I decided not to run. I wasn't going to skip the recovery run, but just move it.

Tuesday- I decided that I was going to do an easy run. The day was gorgeous. I decided to run against the sunset. Beautiful. I set out to run 4ish miles at a comfortable pace. I ended up going for about 6 miles. I felt great, except for my body! Mentally, it was there. I loved being out there. But my legs were very tired, and sluggish. I also decided to run this run un plugged. This is a whole new expierence for me. I had no music, or audio book or anything. Completely different. And I liked it!

Thursday- Tempo/Hills. I set out to do a quick 4-5 miles that morning. I was going to do a half mile warm up, and then 3-4 miles at a 9:00 pace.I got to mile 2 in to my early morning solo run, still only averaging about 9:30 pace, and decided. I just didn't wanna! -- I literally just turned the corner and came home. I didn't wanna run. I wasn't sore, I wasn't tired, and nothing hurt... I just didn't have it in me. So I listened.

Friday - Should have been another 3-4 mile recovery run. I skipped it all together. Still just not feeling it.

Saturday- After averaging an 8 mile week TOTAL, I was extremely  nervous about running 9 minute miles for 8 miles. But, I KILLED IT. I ran so strong with my group. Felt great the whole time. Again, around mile 3, I needed to, well, oh shoot we're all runners, PEE. I needed to pee. I told my coach, I was going to run ahead to the Mc Donald's, and I would catch up. Little did I know that "catch up" meant run 7:10-7:30 for almost a mile. But I did, along with 2 other members of my group-- We caught the 9:00 paced group, and felt "relief" when we did. Thinking that this might take it out of me for the other 4 miles left, I was a little concerned, but nope! After popping a GU packet, and some water, I was good to go!

Moral of this week's story? L.I.S.T.E.N. to your body! It knows what it needs and wants. It know's how to compensate for what it's lacking. We just have to listen.

So, only getting 16 miles this week, was sad, but I also felt AMAZING on my 8 miler. After that run, I certainly have it in my realm of "attainable" to ask for a goal of 2:00 half. Maybe.

Run Happy, AND safe!!

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