Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Creating Unattainable Goals

1. the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

There you have it. The definition of Goal.

If it were something we do, or could do, already, it wouldn't be a goal. SO we have to SET goals. The ones that are unattainable. But, we have to do it with reason, and sense.

My first goal for running was set in January of 2010, to run the Tulsa Run. And finish. That gave me a whole year to start running and increase my distance. Of course if you've read more than 2 of my blogs you know, that that goal just snowballed in to goal after goal-- But my main thing was to set it, in a reasonable amount of time, and just have the goal of finishing!

Now my goals have changed. I would like to run a sub 25 minute 5k. I would like to run a 2 hour half marathon. And one day, FINISH a full marathon. I don't have to do them all RIGHT NOW. But just having that goal, and setting it helps to keep me motivated.

The best thing (for me) to do is take the plunge. To say I'm going to do (or attempt) it. And then register. Yep, figure out what race will be a "goal race" and register. That puts more investment in to the situation. The chances of backing our are slimmer if you've already committed yourself, and your pocket book to it.It's easy to shy away from publicly announcing or committing to your goals, in fear of not reaching it. That's a legit fear. But why let fear hold you back from reaching the goals you want to set for yourself and your life? Instead let the fear of failure be used as a motivator. And really, who cares if you don't get it on the first try? Really. Just keep trying, or reassess the goal.

Set goals with your friends, or spouse.Scott and I are playing with competition. He's faster than me. Period. But this season, I've trained much harder than he has. So, he thinks I might beat him in OKC, and since I've decided that I will try to omit the word can't from my vocabulary, I am sure going to try!

Knock out the pessimism, but keep the realism. I know that I haven't trained to run a 1:35 half marathon. I will not set myself up for failure, injury and defeat, knowing that isn't a realistic goal for me, and my situation! This time next year? Maybe! So my "unattainable" goal for this season is the sub(or really close) 2 hour half marathon. I physically am capable of running that fast. Granted... weather, nutrition, nerves, hydration,,mentality, race day  all play a significant role in achieving this goal. But physically I am where I need to be to do this. I just have to hope and strive to get all the elements together! In all honesty, as long as I'm at or under 2:15 I'll be proud. To shave anything off a previous time is super exciting! I would be beside myself if I can shave at least 13 minutes, which would be about a minute a mile faster than my last half. So, I have my eye on the 2 hour prize, but I know that conditions may make it harder to attain. I also know that I don't HAVE  to get it THIS RACE. There are other halves to race. So I'm certainly giving myself a little window, and wiggle room to allow for un-accounted situations to arise.

"I heard a couple of you discussing race day plans this last weekend and hope everyone has come up with a couple of scenarios for race day:
1 - Goal Time (perfect day)
2- backup goal ( feeling ok)
3 - just finish
I know many of you are hoping for a sub 2:00:00 time and here are a couple other times
2:05:00 - 9:32/ mile 
2:10:00 - 9:55/ mile
2:15:00 - 10:16/mile"

This was from my coaches email that was sent out this week. Great way to put things in a realistic perspective!

Run Real!

Okc training- Week 14

 I now know why we taper before racing.

After almost 4 months of training, I've hit the peak of my intensity! I'm feeling satisfied with my training, especially in comparison to last season's training.

My route 66 half time was 2:20:24. That's a 10:40 pace.

This weekend I ran 8 miles in 1:13- That's a little over 9:00 mile. And with the exception of my screaming IT band (we'll get there) I was confident that I could have maintained that pace for a measly 5 more miles ... What am I saying? I'm saying do away with boundaries. I just keep thinking this time last year, I hadn't even ran a full 5k with out stopping, and now, I am ready to shave 15-20 minutes off my first half. I'm not "bragging" per-say, but  I'm am proud of all the dedication and hard work that I've put in to wanting this! And if anything I hope that it might one day INSPIRE someone to do away with the "can't" word- and hit unattainable goals for themselves! If you'd told me this time last year as I was huffing and puffing to run 20 minutes straight, that I'd be able to run a sub 8:00 minute mile 5k, I would have laughed and pulled out my "cant card" and flashed it in your face.

So,there ya have it. Don't hold yourself back.

This week was my first real experience with an injury. I started to see Dr. Chuck Zoellner at Zoellner Chiropractic after I started feeling some pings in my lower right back. I was injured there after a car wreck in 05' so I'm thinking it's just "flaring up". I then felt the twinging get stronger and down my leg to the outside of my knee. I took it easy, and got in to see him as soon as I could. He began using the Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) to loosen up my lower back muscles, and manipulate the muscles in my leg as well. He put me on a treadmill to do a gait analysis, and showed me ways to improve my running. Which in turn will actually make me a stronger/faster runner. He started the tread mill at a comfortable 9:30 pace, and I was then put at an 8:00 pace, and with the new running form, felt much easier to maintain! (Someone needs to send my heart the memo)

I have taken this much of the week off so far. I keep having to remind myself that the hard work is DONE. I am allowed to relax, recover and rest my muscles!! I will run our last long run Saturday, and call it good, and hope for the best in OKC.

I'm getting more than stoked for OKC! Everything is set in place, and ready to go. Which will be followed by a - much needed- week long vacation (Thank the Lord!!!!) with my family in Louisiana.

Yesterday was the 16 year anniversary of the bombing of the Murrah Building. I don't think I'll even be able to imagine how awesome it will be running in honor of so many fallen and innocent victims.

It's still so hard to believe that my season is almost over! I guess it's time to set some new goals eh? =) After vacation.

Run Healthy!!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Okc training- Week 13

Less than 3 weeks left until the OKC Memorial Marathon.

This past week was a good training week. I got all off wack with my schedule, but I got in all but one of my runs.

Monday- Recovery 4 miles
Tuesday- skipped
Wednesday-Track speedy 4.5. Yasso! THis was fun, I took my friend Amber to the track for her first time. She hated/loved me. =) But she did amazing!
Thursday- I intended to run this day, but I decided to take off.
Friday- Squeezed in a 2.5 recovery run. I was a little sore from track. This run was so hard. It was a slow run, but the humidity really got me. Didn't know what I was in for on Saturday, in comparison.
Saturday- LongSlowRun.  14 miles. We are suppose to keep our slow pace around 10:10. We didn't. It was under 10 for most of the run. It was hot, humid,and hilly.These combined=HARD. At mile 12, I was cooked. I was noodles. The last mile I started to walk-- I finally got back to a run at a slow pace, and jogged it in. Everyone struggled with this run! The first hot,long run of the season kind of sneaks up on us. Anyways, I felt got Sunday, minimal soreness, and good energy.

I also tried my first Ice bath after this brutal 14 mile run.
I had to really mentally prepare for this. The whole way home, I kept thinking about what the most effective way to do this would be. I got here, turned on the cold water, stuck a toe in and cringed. I stopped the water, and poured my bag of ice in. And got in. Slowly. Once I was in, I had to mentally, and physically relax. IT was hard, but once I stopped tensing up, I felt the ice start to work it's magic. I drank my warm coffee, as my body adjusted. I sat for 10-15 minutes(until ice melts) and got up and bundled up and got in bed to warm up, before taking a warm shower.

I guess it worked, I recovered great, and had no issues the rest of the day, or Sunday! So, now that I know I won't die, I'll probably make this part of my recovery regimen after all of my really hard runs and races.

Well, now, the tapering begins.

I think my shoes are getting a little worn down. I'm starting to feel things that I don't normally feel. This morning on my short recovery run, I felt a dull pain radiating on the outside of my right knee-- I'm not sure if this is due to increased intensity and miles, or if I should have my shoes examined.

I'm going to have it looked at professionally before the race to see what action I need to take. I'm so close to acheiving my goal, and race. I can't have any injuries popping up now! I've been injury free all season. And plan to stay that way!

Run Smart!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Okc training- Week 12

I'm a little sad that training is almost over :-( I've had a great training season. This week was a great balance of easy and intensity for me.

Monday- I was more than ready for a recovery run! 5 miles at 10:15(or so) pace, was just what I needed!
Tuesday- I wasn't ready for the track this week. I decided to go for the exact repeat of Monday's run. Perfect.
Thursday- 4 mile tempo (9:10) FLAT run.
Friday- 4 mile recovery run (9:46)
Saturday- Tempo 8 miler! HILLS HILLS HILLS HILLS!

Saturday's run has been the "one" that we've heard about all season. We knew that it was the hilliest course we'd do! And. It was! The weather was perfect, sun was shining, and I had a friend from out of town join me on my early morning mountain adventure. My friend Jeremy is training for LONDON marathon. Yes, London. He's super duper fast- So my little hilly 8 miler was nothing but fun for him, I'm sure! But it was nice to have different conversation, and his strength to help pull us up those hills. Whew! We did 8.15 miles in 1:15. Averaging us at about 9:15,maybe a little lower. While I felt like this run was really tough during the actual run, I felt great after, with little soreness and fatigue. So I guess I was in the condition required to accomplish it!

After chatting with friends about my goal time for OKC, I have decided I would like to get as close to 2 hours as possible! My last half was 2:20, so as long as I beat that, I'll be happy.
I'm getting more and more excited, the closer we get to May 1st! We have a hotel, and have registered. Now, we just wait and train!

Hope training and running is going well for you!!

Happy Running!