Monday, April 11, 2011

Okc training- Week 13

Less than 3 weeks left until the OKC Memorial Marathon.

This past week was a good training week. I got all off wack with my schedule, but I got in all but one of my runs.

Monday- Recovery 4 miles
Tuesday- skipped
Wednesday-Track speedy 4.5. Yasso! THis was fun, I took my friend Amber to the track for her first time. She hated/loved me. =) But she did amazing!
Thursday- I intended to run this day, but I decided to take off.
Friday- Squeezed in a 2.5 recovery run. I was a little sore from track. This run was so hard. It was a slow run, but the humidity really got me. Didn't know what I was in for on Saturday, in comparison.
Saturday- LongSlowRun.  14 miles. We are suppose to keep our slow pace around 10:10. We didn't. It was under 10 for most of the run. It was hot, humid,and hilly.These combined=HARD. At mile 12, I was cooked. I was noodles. The last mile I started to walk-- I finally got back to a run at a slow pace, and jogged it in. Everyone struggled with this run! The first hot,long run of the season kind of sneaks up on us. Anyways, I felt got Sunday, minimal soreness, and good energy.

I also tried my first Ice bath after this brutal 14 mile run.
I had to really mentally prepare for this. The whole way home, I kept thinking about what the most effective way to do this would be. I got here, turned on the cold water, stuck a toe in and cringed. I stopped the water, and poured my bag of ice in. And got in. Slowly. Once I was in, I had to mentally, and physically relax. IT was hard, but once I stopped tensing up, I felt the ice start to work it's magic. I drank my warm coffee, as my body adjusted. I sat for 10-15 minutes(until ice melts) and got up and bundled up and got in bed to warm up, before taking a warm shower.

I guess it worked, I recovered great, and had no issues the rest of the day, or Sunday! So, now that I know I won't die, I'll probably make this part of my recovery regimen after all of my really hard runs and races.

Well, now, the tapering begins.

I think my shoes are getting a little worn down. I'm starting to feel things that I don't normally feel. This morning on my short recovery run, I felt a dull pain radiating on the outside of my right knee-- I'm not sure if this is due to increased intensity and miles, or if I should have my shoes examined.

I'm going to have it looked at professionally before the race to see what action I need to take. I'm so close to acheiving my goal, and race. I can't have any injuries popping up now! I've been injury free all season. And plan to stay that way!

Run Smart!!!

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