Monday, April 4, 2011

Okc training- Week 12

I'm a little sad that training is almost over :-( I've had a great training season. This week was a great balance of easy and intensity for me.

Monday- I was more than ready for a recovery run! 5 miles at 10:15(or so) pace, was just what I needed!
Tuesday- I wasn't ready for the track this week. I decided to go for the exact repeat of Monday's run. Perfect.
Thursday- 4 mile tempo (9:10) FLAT run.
Friday- 4 mile recovery run (9:46)
Saturday- Tempo 8 miler! HILLS HILLS HILLS HILLS!

Saturday's run has been the "one" that we've heard about all season. We knew that it was the hilliest course we'd do! And. It was! The weather was perfect, sun was shining, and I had a friend from out of town join me on my early morning mountain adventure. My friend Jeremy is training for LONDON marathon. Yes, London. He's super duper fast- So my little hilly 8 miler was nothing but fun for him, I'm sure! But it was nice to have different conversation, and his strength to help pull us up those hills. Whew! We did 8.15 miles in 1:15. Averaging us at about 9:15,maybe a little lower. While I felt like this run was really tough during the actual run, I felt great after, with little soreness and fatigue. So I guess I was in the condition required to accomplish it!

After chatting with friends about my goal time for OKC, I have decided I would like to get as close to 2 hours as possible! My last half was 2:20, so as long as I beat that, I'll be happy.
I'm getting more and more excited, the closer we get to May 1st! We have a hotel, and have registered. Now, we just wait and train!

Hope training and running is going well for you!!

Happy Running!

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