Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Creating Unattainable Goals

1. the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

There you have it. The definition of Goal.

If it were something we do, or could do, already, it wouldn't be a goal. SO we have to SET goals. The ones that are unattainable. But, we have to do it with reason, and sense.

My first goal for running was set in January of 2010, to run the Tulsa Run. And finish. That gave me a whole year to start running and increase my distance. Of course if you've read more than 2 of my blogs you know, that that goal just snowballed in to goal after goal-- But my main thing was to set it, in a reasonable amount of time, and just have the goal of finishing!

Now my goals have changed. I would like to run a sub 25 minute 5k. I would like to run a 2 hour half marathon. And one day, FINISH a full marathon. I don't have to do them all RIGHT NOW. But just having that goal, and setting it helps to keep me motivated.

The best thing (for me) to do is take the plunge. To say I'm going to do (or attempt) it. And then register. Yep, figure out what race will be a "goal race" and register. That puts more investment in to the situation. The chances of backing our are slimmer if you've already committed yourself, and your pocket book to it.It's easy to shy away from publicly announcing or committing to your goals, in fear of not reaching it. That's a legit fear. But why let fear hold you back from reaching the goals you want to set for yourself and your life? Instead let the fear of failure be used as a motivator. And really, who cares if you don't get it on the first try? Really. Just keep trying, or reassess the goal.

Set goals with your friends, or spouse.Scott and I are playing with competition. He's faster than me. Period. But this season, I've trained much harder than he has. So, he thinks I might beat him in OKC, and since I've decided that I will try to omit the word can't from my vocabulary, I am sure going to try!

Knock out the pessimism, but keep the realism. I know that I haven't trained to run a 1:35 half marathon. I will not set myself up for failure, injury and defeat, knowing that isn't a realistic goal for me, and my situation! This time next year? Maybe! So my "unattainable" goal for this season is the sub(or really close) 2 hour half marathon. I physically am capable of running that fast. Granted... weather, nutrition, nerves, hydration,,mentality, race day  all play a significant role in achieving this goal. But physically I am where I need to be to do this. I just have to hope and strive to get all the elements together! In all honesty, as long as I'm at or under 2:15 I'll be proud. To shave anything off a previous time is super exciting! I would be beside myself if I can shave at least 13 minutes, which would be about a minute a mile faster than my last half. So, I have my eye on the 2 hour prize, but I know that conditions may make it harder to attain. I also know that I don't HAVE  to get it THIS RACE. There are other halves to race. So I'm certainly giving myself a little window, and wiggle room to allow for un-accounted situations to arise.

"I heard a couple of you discussing race day plans this last weekend and hope everyone has come up with a couple of scenarios for race day:
1 - Goal Time (perfect day)
2- backup goal ( feeling ok)
3 - just finish
I know many of you are hoping for a sub 2:00:00 time and here are a couple other times
2:05:00 - 9:32/ mile 
2:10:00 - 9:55/ mile
2:15:00 - 10:16/mile"

This was from my coaches email that was sent out this week. Great way to put things in a realistic perspective!

Run Real!

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