Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sweetheart Run 2011

Last Saturday, I traded my long run for a little racing.

The day was cool, humid, and dreary. The course was a windy, flat, boring course! -- Perfect for a PR.

The race options were 5k, 10k, or 20k.
I opted for the 10k. 6.2 miles ( if you run the corners)

I've raced  a 5k before, and FINISHED a half marathon. But I've never raced anything faster than 3.2 miles.... So, this was a new challenge for me- How long could I sustain a descent "race pace" longer than 3 miles! I set a goal of breaking an hour. That would mean, I have to run about 9:30 minute miles. For over 6 miles. Whew! -- With out stopping (maybe briefly for water)

I set out the first 2 miles averaging about 8:30's, Mile 3-4, I decided to slow it down to about 9:20. I knew that I couldn't keep up for 6 miles in the 8s! After the splash of water at the water stop at mile 4.5, We found the 9 minute pace group, and stuck with them until the last ".2" of the race. And just ran it hard all the way in!

I had 6.26 miles in 57:08 - Averaging about 9:07 minute miles. I was more than trilled with this!

Usually after races, I'm pretty sore. This was an exception. I wasn't sore at all the next day~ I ran (by feel of course) Monday and while there was no soreness, I could tell that my legs were more tired than usual. I ran the 5k at lafortune, not looking at my time the entire time. Speeding and slowing as normal-- Felt super rejuvenated for my speed work out on Tuesday. There really is a science to this people!

 Also, some of my friends ran for the first time in this race! Carrie and Rob ran their first 5k together. (excellent time might I add!) Clint ran his first 10k. Distance PR! Chera PR'd finishing her 10k (after running the 5k) in a little over 49 minutes *Smokin!!* Jennifer ran with me on her first 10k. She killed it too! I had a blast seeing lots of my friends out there- Everyone did so good! The racing season has begun!

Happy Running <3

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  1. You have me itching to race. You should be proud of your time, good job. With you speed work, you should be running 10K races in the 8s with ease soon.