Thursday, February 24, 2011

Okc Training- Week 7

Are we on week 7 already?!

Really it's like week 5, due to the snow blizzard that hit, and set everyone back 2 weeks! But none the less, I'm feeling good about my training.
I'm becoming more and more conditioned with each week. I'm sticking to my "Recovery,Speed work,Rest,Tempo/hills,Rest,Long run Rest"  Schedule, and it's working!

Saturday, I traded my long run for a 10k race -which I'll post soon!  Again, I was surprised at the lack of soreness on Sunday. My recovery run on Monday, I wasn't sore, but I could certainly tell that my legs were tired. I ran strictly by feel, as I do on Mondays.
Starting Last week I gathered a running partner, and we decided to start in cooperating speed work outs regularly in to our training. I wanted to do Yassos, since it's easier to calculate, and keep up with. And. They work.

So, here's how it works.... Yasso's ...

5 minute warm up
2x800s (half mile)
400m active(walking) recovery (.25 mile)
Repeat for a total of 4 times
5 minute cool down

So, the object is to run at a nearly sprinting pace for 2x800s. What pace you ask? The way to figure it out, is by the marathon goal you'd like to finish in. So, even though I'm not training for a marathon, I'd like to hit 2:00 half marathon. So if I were training for a full it would be 4:00 hours( plus 20 minutes.) Making  my goal to finish each split in about 4:20 seconds.  The first time I did this about 4 weeks ago, it was a push to stay with in this time frame....

Last week was my 2nd time, and I was doing the Jenks bridge instead of the track, which made me have to sprint it 6 times to get the 2 miles of actual speed. Since it was a shorter distance, I decided to push the pace, since I was running shorter distance. My lungs were on fire, my stomach was churning, and my energy lever tanked... after about 3 splits, I decided that I wanted to be done.

Tuesday of this week, I went to the track to do the original yasso workout above. I was super surprised at how I different it was! My goal was to keep it under 4:15 which would put me running an 8 minute pace for half mile intervals.....  I didn't make it above 4 minutes! And actually felt great!! My lungs really learned how to expand and allow more oxygen to my muscles, therefore allowing me to continue my work out with out as much fatigue! A lot less soreness this week too. I also tried one of those Gatorade prime drinks before my work out. I think this might have played a part on my performance! I WILL be using these again!

I said all that confusing blob of info to say this...... I'm getting conditioned with each week. I took some time off of doing yoga as much, just 1-2 times a week. Now I'm back at almost every day, and I can definitely feel a positive difference when doing this! I keep it to lighter lots of stretching on days I run. And days I don't run I'll do longer, and more intense routines. This works for me!

While I still have a tempo run to tackle today, and an 8 mile progression (starting at 10:10 and getting faster each mile) left to do this week, I am feeling great about my progress of training.

I hope you're setting and meeting your goals!

Happy Running!
Run Happy!

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