Friday, February 4, 2011

Cabin Fever!

We got a massive blizzard on Tuesday!

What does this mean? It means that my 2 mile recovery (and fun) run I did Monday is not sufficient! Although I will say that I learned a whole new meaning to "recovery" run. My legs were quite sore after my 8 miler on Saturday. So to get out and do a nice even 2 mile run felt SO good!!!! And then nothing til Thursday. I have been snowed in since Monday night after that run.

Yesterday (Thursday) I was able to walk about a half mile to my friend Carrie's house and hop on her treadmill. It felt good to stretch my legs out....For about 20 minutes, then I was hot and sweaty, and down right done! I started out wanting to make the most of my treadmill work out, so I wanted to do some Yasso's. I did the 5 minute warm up at a 10 minute pace. Did my first split 800m in 4:03. Recovered for 400m, got about 2 minutes in to my 2nd round of 800s and decided that I would just jog the rest of it out! I am not sure what my mental block is with the treadmill but I get in to about 15-20 and start shutting down..... I was really hot, which seems petty, but you must realize I haven't sweat with out it sticking to my face and turning to salt in months!

Anyways I finished out the 30 minutes at a comfortable pace, just to get my heart rate going. So I'm about 5 miles total for the week! -- puhh. Pitiful. But I have no choice! Even if I had some yak tracks, I wouldn't do it, the roads here are terrible!

So looks as if this week is a "throw away" week for me. We aren't thinking we'll have a long run for Saturday. IT's still too darn slick out there.

I miss running!

I have been doing yoga every day that we've been snowed in (which I need to update), but it's just not the same!!!!

Hope you're all staying safe and warm.

"Run Happy!"  - Brooks


  1. How was the treadmill itself? Did you like it? Did it take up half the room like so many do?

  2. I went to a friend down the street's house. The one she has is pretty basic. Not large at all. Since they have been snowed in, she decided to put it in her living room where the big t.v. was, so it didn't seem too big at all! It definitely got me out of the house and moving, but...nothing compared to the real thing!