Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yoga Challenge- Day 20

Day 20- A 35 minute sequence to build up to a back bend.

Yes a back bend. Ya know, like we used to do in middle school??

This work out was -- Well, a WORKOUT!

My heart was pumping last night during this pose!!

There were some great high lunges for the legs. -- lets talk about on F-I-R-E!
Push ups- My arms are welcoming the push ups each time!
Back strengthening.

 I was able to get in to this full back bend at the end of the sequence the first time full on. The 2nd try I couldn't stay up, so I went to bridge pose. And then the 3rd time I got up for almost the full count of the pose!

Toughy, but goody!

Can't believe I'm almost done with the practice :-(


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