Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recover, Rest...blah blah blah

Sometimes the hardest part of training is RESTING!

We don't realize how much we're doing when we increase our work(out) load. Our muscles HAVE to rest, and recover from what it's just done. It's the most important after intense workouts like speed work, and long runs. Each time we are intensifying our run, we are causing our muscles to tear a little bit, and they have to have time to repair. -- Protein aides in the process!-- They grow back stronger!

In my (and probably most) running schedule we have 4 different runs. They are designed to have time to heal when I need to, and rest/cross train after hard or long runs.
My training schedule reads something like this...

Sunday- OFF or cross train
Monday-Recovery run. - Slow,easy, fun, run. For me, this is usually a 4-6 mile run at about 10:00 minute miles.
Tuesday- Speed work. Short distance (3) with sprinting intervals.
Thursday- Tempo ( fast,but not sprint pace) or hills. Usually around 4 miles would be a pace of around 9:00
Friday- OFF/ cross train
Saturday- Long slow run - About 10 minute mile.

I like my recovery days! I don't do anything except maybe yoga * which is usually my cross training * on Sundays, so any lingering soreness is worked out on Monday. I love the way I feel when I run easy runs on Mondays!

Just a reminder that over training will eventually lead to injury! Take care of your body, it will respond better!

Of course the proper shoes, diet, hydration, etc.... Will all make a difference too!

As hard as it is to take days off sometimes,  just have to have the discipline to do it!!! Or, not do it.

My favorite recovery concoction ( after really long,hard runs, or races) 2 ibprofens with chocolate milk - I always do chocolate milk- and the clifbar shot rocks! Or any kind of protein.  It's recommended that we "protein up" with in 2 hours of our work out, for the best recovery! 

Happy Running!


  1. Keeping preaching, my stubborn inner self might eventually listen. I get really impatient and anxious on my days off. I feel like I should be out there putting on miles, not licking wounds.

    I use an amplified whey protien, mixed with fresh (frozen) blueberries and a glutamine chew. I also have a Clif Bar to replace the sugar and get some complex carbs back in the system. Blueberry Crisp is where its at.

    I did try ibuprofen after my 20 mile a couple of weeks ago, worked wonders. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I know, the pressure to "put in the miles" sometimes trumps the recovery days-- But think about your muscles not only healing, but becoming stronger in those days.... I read somewhere that you don't start decreasing muscle memory and cardio until after 2 weeks. So, check it out, or ask your bro (or Mel) what it is, and maybe that would ease your mind to know that you aren't "losing" anything, except maybe some miles!!!