Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yoga Challenge 18 and 19

I think... Okay. So, I'm not doing very good at keeping up with my days and work outs anymore!

I am also kind of substituting work outs for others that aren't in the same regimen as intended. I am having an awful time getting my computer(s) to play the streaming video correctly with out it stopping, and getting frozen.

So anyways, While I love the challenge, and ALL of the work outs - especially how they counter act each other- I am still trying to do yoga every day or every other day. I feel fantastic when I do!

Day 18- 10 minute cor work out. I acutally did on on my "on demand" feature - and it was pilates. It was 10 minutes of pure BURNING! I am feeling it today still!

Day 19- Was a 35 minute sequence. It was pretty fast pace - So I didn't really feel like I had a chance to keep the integrity of some of the poses. But I certainly got my heart rate up, and felt great afterwards!

I'm noticing after only a little over 2 weeks of practicing yoga very regularly (I wont say every day, but atleast 5 times a week) I am improving on my flexibility. I feel stronger in the poses as well! The push ups uses to be so hard for me... But yesterday, during a sequence where you would normally get to rest after  coming down in the yoga push up, the instructor had us go only half way before switching to up dog.... which allows for no rest before switching postitions. I was pleasantly surprised that I was strong enough to do it!

Feeling  stronger each day!


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