Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yoga Challenge - Day 5,6

Day 5- Was tough! It was a lot of balancing poses. Which I obviously need more practice with. I made it though, but definitely couldn't hold a few of the poses. Hopefully, the next time we practice balance, it will have improved some!

Day 6- This day I actually liked. I found it to be beneficial for my running! Lots of hip openers (which I just love), and hamstring stretches (which I just DO NOT love.) My hamstrings are certainly my weakest point. They are super tight, and I hope that doing yoga will eventually get them loosened up. I want to be able to fold completely down either in standing or sitting poses with my feet straight out. This is a goal I'm setting! I think my favorite pose was the one where I was in a lunge and the did a push up with my knee dropping to the side and to the floor. That felt "Delicious"  as they say!

I am looking forward to day 7. It will complete my first week of yoga! And it's also an evening/relaxing routine. Can't wait! I may add this with the Dusk series I have, depending on my time.

Tuesday nights are "Track work" which is super intense speed work outs. So I'll certainly be happy to have yoga waiting for me in the evening!!!


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