Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let's talk shoes.

Here's my deal...

I started in Nike's. I loved my Nike's......after my Nike's went dead the week before my half marathon, I learned that they were the wrong shoe for distance running! I was not getting enough support at all for any kind of distance running. I was recommended Brooks Adrenaline next after a session with Fleet Feet experts. Well.... a week before a half marathon, is not exactly the best time to break in new shoes!Let's not talk about the fact that it's only 5 weeks to Christmas at this point- So I didn't want to fork up the $120 for new kicks! I have a great friend who wears those shoes. IN MY SIZE! -- They only had about 100 miles on them. Perfect! She let me borrow them for the race. They got me through to the end of my 13.1! Whew so thankful for her!!!!!!

So she decided that I should just keep them-- WHAT? Okay, after a lot of persuading, I kept them. I began to have shin splints, which I've never really had before (except after too much TOO fast running back in the day) After some consulting with some of my running mentors, we came to the conclusion that I'm lifting my toes to high when I run, and landing on my heel more than usual.

 Fast forward to Christmas....Chera, my fairy running mother, gives me a gift bag with new SHOES in it!!!! WHAT AGAIN?!.... She gives me some Adidas Sequence. I put them on a few days later to take them for a spin. And I just love the way they feel on my feet! I feel like my foot is so much more supported! -- The only thing I noticed was a few knee pings, which I am just writing off to breaking in new shoes. So after 6 runs in them, I now notice no knee pings, still love the support, and the way they fell when I'm running. Now, my problem is the top of my foot, and the ball of my foot is hurting(under my big toe, and on top of my arch) I just don't know! I have a feeling maybe they are laced too tight, or wrong or something.

I feel like Cinderella.. Looking for the perfect slipper! LOL.

What to do?


  1. wish i had a fairy running mother!!! my shoes have surpassed their miles...but diapers and formula come before running shoes for mama...

  2. LOL She's great! I <3 my fair runmother! -- I think your priorities are straight.. babies/family diapers, milk it comes first! Just remember to treat yourself some too!
    I went to FF and had my shoes tweeked. I think they will do the job now!