Thursday, January 20, 2011


Like most of you, I'm a busyworking mom, and  I don't have a lot of time to be in the gym do do my cross training. I am doing good to get my 3-4 runs in. I found yoga, and fell in love with the practice! I'm learning that there are so  many different aspects to it! There are different sequences of cardio VS. slow burn.. The different stretching techniques..  Matching breath with the movement... The detoxing of the organs by twisting. So so much!

I started with the Jillian Michaels Yoga Melt down first. This is a pretty intense (high cardio) work out! There are 2 levels. I just wanted to master the first level. So I only did the 2nd one once before I gave the borrowed DVD back  to it's owner. But the good news is, it's only about 30-35 minutes.

The next experience I had was completely different from the first! I borrowed   A.M. Yoga by Rodney Yee from a friend. This was 20 minutes of stretches for each day of the week. This was heavenly! Very relaxing. No cardio what-so-ever, but extremely refreshing! I need to purchase this one on my own for just a morning routine! It's not great for cross training, but I HIGHLY recommend it!

I was ready to up my practice. I had a chat with a friend that has lots of experience with yoga, and got some great recommendations from her. There is a girl in Hawaii name Rainbeau Mars. She's a yoga god. Really, she is SO good at it, that it's pretty inspirational! So my next adventure was  the Yoga for Beauty series with Rainbeau Mars. This was a whole new world to me. This was REAL yoga. This 2 set series has a "Dawn" work out, and a "Dusk" work out. I stared out with the dawn  and work on it for a few days. It's about 45-50 minutes long. It's not as intense as the meltdown, but higher energy than the AM yoga! I then moved on the the dusk workout, and I LOVE it. It's super relaxing, and tention relieving! Great way to end the day. And honestly, you could do both in one day. The am w/o is more energizing, and will get your blood pumping, so it's enough to actually count as a work out. Where as the pm w/o is very calm, quiet and relaxing. I light a candle and do this in the dark. Hubby did it with me the other night and liked it too. He found it do-able. I will definitely be buying this series to keep!

My new thing as of yesterday is the 21 Day Yoga Journal Challenge    This is a challenge to do yoga for 21 days straight, and then blog about it. Which is my inspiration for this paticular blog. So I will be blogging a little each day about my journey. My friend (and yoga mentor) Krista has inpired me to take this challenge along with her! So I'm going to. I figure what the heck? It can't hurt anything. And in 3 weeks I'll be stronger, and healthier! I will be more flexible! And a stronger runner.

I also have yoga workouts on my on demand  feature of my tv. I utilize these often! 

Yoga isn't just a bunch of stretches and meditating.

I've found the practice very beneficial to my running regimen! 

  • It is body strength training
  • Core strengthening
  • Extensive stretches
  • Rythmatic breathing
  • Cardio strength (some are) 
  • Slow work out- quiet. Contradicts running!

I'm sure many more benefits that I didn't even touch! But like I said, I've found it so useful! I hope that you give it a shot! If nothing else it will certainly bring you back to center and bring some clarity in to you scattered brain!


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