Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yoga Challenge - Day 9, 10,and 11

I haven't done yoga in a few days (and I can TELL!) due to my rib hurting.

Today, it has started hurting a little less than before. I decided to give yoga a shot, since I'm behind on my 21 day challenge! I told myself if it hurt, I would stop.

I barely felt any pain. Actually by the end of the practices I was experiencing less pain than before. I think it really needed to be stretched out-- per my therapist! (Thanks Mel!)

Day 9- 15 minute morning routine. I actually did this Friday. Easy easy. Same as day 2.

Day 10- 20 minute Cor work out -Same as last week's day 3. Last week, the girls I am doing this challenge with said that this work out really worked them! I didn't feel sore after it. I feared that I didn't work out hard enough. So during this one, I tried to push it a little more, and could certainly feel more of a "burn" in my abs. So we'll see tomorrow! Over all, I felt good enough after the quick work out to proceed with day 10.

Day 11- 30 minute Aligning and refining practice back-bend.  This was a new work out! It started off with lots of  chair pose, which is pretty much like sitting in the air. My legs were on fire and shaking!!! -- But it then went in to more routines steming from the chair pose. With my legs being sore from yesterday's 8 mile run, I wasn't sure I'd make it through this, but. I did! Since we did hills yesterday my quads were already really feeling it. The 2nd half of the work out was more balance work. I was surprised at how much my balance has improved from last week! This a good balanced (pun intended!) work out. I liked the change of paces, and new poses. My favorite pose is the Rock Star pose. Such a fantastic all over body stretch!

So it looks like I'm back in action. I'll do day 12 and hopefully 13 tomorrow, and be caught up with the challenge. It's an easy run day so shouldn't be too hard.


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