Thursday, January 6, 2011

2nd season of half marathon training-

I'm so excited that I just received my official email for my spring training! I'll be training for another half marathon, which will be May 1st.
This year I'll be doing the Oklahoma City Marathon.

Why not do the full you ask? Well, I have a few reasons....
  • I'm just not ready. I have not been bitten by the "Full Marathong bug" just yet. I WILL do one in the next few years, but as of now, not one this year.
  • I want to beat my first half marathon time of 2:20. My ultimate goal would be to get under a 2 hour half, but for this particular race, I'm thinking in the 2:10-2:15 range. That would land me around 10 minute miles for 13.1 miles.
  • Durability. I don't think I have quite built up the endurance to run for (realistically) 5 hours. I would like to get a few half under my belt.
  • I don't want to lose more weight
So I'm thinking after I have another baby, I'll have a goal of doing a marathon. Perfect for getting back in to shape!

I have kept my base around 6 miles while in "off season" of training. I think it's perfect!
I have really enjoyed running in between seasons. I have picked up some of my friends who are getting back in to running, and just flat out HAD FUN running! Although I am itching to get out there and do some distance!

Once training starts ( THIS WEEK!) I'll be a little more focused on my tempo runs, speed work,hills and all that. I think I will still save one day to run with my friends, any pace, any distance.

I'm training with a different group this season, and I can't be more excited!!

I have a few friends who have mentioned wanting to do a half marathon this spring- NOW is the time to get signed up! Our first "long run" is 4 miles. And remember long runs are very slow, and there are water stops involved. So, if you can run  3 miles, the 4 miles would be considered a long run.


Go to Fleet Feet's website and check it out!

Set goals. Get and stay motivated!

There are walking groups, couch to 5k groups, 5k-10k groups, half marathon, full marathon -- Something for everyone.

You will hear a lot about my training, and the new experience. I'm all about the power of numbers!

Happy Running!


  1. Yay for you! Good Luck on the training. Im going to work on "liking" running before I try to tackle anything with the word "marathon" attached to it! :)

  2. Thanks! I feel like it's going to be easier, since I no longer feel like 6 miles is "a long way" but only an hour work out. Funny how your mindset is changed so quickly! -- Seriously, work on liking it first, then attatch the word "marathon" to something! In the mean time, run fun 5ks with me~!