Monday, December 6, 2010

Brrrrr! -- Get your run on anyway.

People always think you crazy for running. Period.             Running distance- "Oh that's insane!"       Running in 100 degree weather- " Your a nut!"               Running in 20 degree weather " Your cheese has slid off your cracker"                  Running in the dark " Oh that's dangerous!" --- SO if you are waiting to run only when it's sunny and 75, you may get mmm about a whole month out of the year total to do that here in Oklahoma!

Some say I'm crazy. I just say I am addicted to the adrenaline! I am not complaining about the 20 degree weather. I just plan around it. I know not to run north. Easy enough, find an east/west trail and bundle up.

Today I ran with an old running buddy who is getting back in to it. ( I call it bridal boot camp for her!) We braved the 19 degree weather together.  Felt foolishly satisfied after, and enjoyed a HOT Caramel Brulee from starbucks as a great reward. MMMMMM...

Things I've already found to be essential in polar bear weather are :

Gloves- I like the cheapies, so they are smaller and I can put them in my pocket when my hand (and they will!) get hot.
A fleece head/ear band to cover my ears.
A zip up fitted jacket with a hood and the hand covers.  after about 10 minutes I start warming up.. I can throw off my hood and put my gloves in my pocket, and un-zip my jacket to get some air in there.
Running tights. I usually layer another pair of wind pants over my tights. But it's not really necessary.
Thicker socks. My other socks are mesh like to keep my feet cool. And so are my shoes- So maybe some thicker socks will keep my feet from getting too chilly.

I am learning that I do not need 7 layers to stay warm! Just remember, and mark my words, make it to minute 8, and you will be warm by that time! I know it's super cold when getting started or even when getting dressed... but trust yourself when getting dressed. Cover everything, and make it easy to remove or take off if you get hot. You will over-dress a time or 2 and learn your lesson!

This is my first full winter to run .. I started in February of this year, so while it was cold, it was only about a month!  I will run as long as it's not icy on the trails...Then I will just start using the treadmill- I wont back down from the cold! I will acclimate just like I did for the summer ( which I found MUCH harder!)

I'm learning to take more pics on my runs. I love to look back at them. I encourage you to do the same.

Happy running!!


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  2. Apparently running while pregnant also makes you crazy, but baby Tully tells me thanks for jogging every time I get out there. Healthy mommy = healthy baby both pre and post-baby!