Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Social Running

This pretty much contradicts my last post.

But I've decided that out of all of the things I love about running, the social networking takes the prize! I just absolutely indulge in my girl time!!!

This morning a few of my girl friends met me for an early morning run at my house. Despite the fog, the weather was a cool 40, and no wind. Great running conditions. So really by the time we started warming up the fog just felt like one of those cool misters that you walk under at theme parks!

So after chatting with one of the girls, I realized that this is among my favorite reasons to wake up at 5:?? in the AM, in the cold of winter, and get my dose of endorphins!

I am looking forward to those Saturday morning long runs, and warm coffee ,a big breakfast and lots of loud talking to follow.

I know that a lot of people start out training solo, which is great if you can, but I think that you can be a stronger runner if you run at least a run or 2 a week with a friend - I think it can push us just a little more. If nothing else, listen to the other person talk, and it will distract us!

All in all, I think that it makes even the harder runs "easier"!

Happy Running!

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